‘Elm hateth man, and waiteth,’ a chilling old saying goes, referring to the trees’ deadly habit of dropping boughs without warning. It is a cross cultivated hybrid of the smooth-leaved elm and the wych elm. The elm is a great protector, exorcising evil, it’s seen planted in front of churches and houses as a good omen. The elm is the tree where people gathered to meditate under. The yellowish flowers are short stalked and rather inconspicuous. When Christianity came about the Gospels spread, the meaning of the elm took on new powerful meanings. Through the great elm tree, all of our fears and limitations are put to rest as we know our true potentials in this continuous cycle of birth and rebirth. The buds are brown, ovate, hairy and protruding. Unlike the English Elm, our native Wych Elm is more resistant to the Dutch Elm disease, which has decimated English Elm populations. Superstitions of felling or … Those who have read or seen Howard's End will remember that there is primeval symbolism in the form of a wych elm tree, in which the countryfolk have stuck pig's teeth, so that you can chew on the bark to relieve toothache. A hopeful sign is that Elm twigs are used as divining rods. Color: Turquoise. The bark is grey with crossing fissures, and twigs are dark grey and covered in coarse hairs. noun. Also read: Cypress Tree Symbolism and Meaning [A Symbol of Mourning] Ash Tree Symbolism and Meaning Explained [With Magical Uses]. Native: Introduced: Both: Absent/Unreported: Native, No County Data ... – Wych elm Subordinate Taxa. In the Scottish region of Midlothian, the local legend goes that there is a legendary Knights Templar treasure buried and hidden “between the oak and the elm”, further strengthening the elm’s associating with the Knights’. single tree or planting in groups, parks, urban green, overview leaves |overview fruit    | overview trunkoverview winter | overview trees, back to trees by common name | trees by botanical name | conifers by common name | conifers by botanical name | German: baumportal.de, © Jost Benning  | Imprint | jowaca digital solutions. In recent years, the stocks were greatly reduced by an ascomycete (Dutch elm disease). 0. 0. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Elms occur often in pastoral poetry, where they symbolise the idyllic life, their shade being mentioned as a place of special coolness and peace. Deity: Orpheus, Odin, Hoenin, Lodr. We use cookies to give you the best experience, as detailed in our privacy policy. Greeks planted the wych elm in burial grounds and regarded it as sacred to Dionysus as it was used to support grape vines; Dionysus was the god of wine and debauchery whose Roman equivalent was Bacchus. This wine is used to celebrate Mass, drank by those observing as a symbol of the blood of Christ. rowan tree 1. a spindle tree (Euonymus europaeus). This tree serves as a birth symbolism for nobility and open-mindedness. The leaves of Wych elm are ovate, have an asymmetrical leaf base and are up to 20 cm (9.8 in) long with a short petiole. Elm wood is flexible and durable and does not rot when wet. noun. It relates to the blood of Christ, especially concerning wine, obtained from the fruit of the vine. The elm tree is firmly anchored into the earth, thanks to its strong roots. For ancient Druid priests, the elm was associated with the Goddess, therefore representing the divine feminine. The elm tree is a “feminine” plant according to Germanic mythology, where it went by its ancient name of “Embla”, the elm represents the name of the first woman born. Due to its roots in Christianity, we’ve seen the elm tree extend out to other organizations such as the Knights Templar, who would add “…of the Elm” at the end of the title of their church’s names.