Also, all stems form flowers (not so in the perennial mats of the biting stonecrop). bithynicum is a low ground cover species in gorgeous shades of pistachio green. (Also sometimes called Hylotelephium ewersii) This well-behaved Stonecrop species is an excellent edging or rock garden plant, particularly for hot, dry sites. Nice in a gravel scree, alpine trough or mixed container. Grows 3″ x 12″, and of course likes well drained soil and full sun. Sedum is a large genus of succulents in the family Crassulaceae, primarily native to rocky, mountainous environments in the Northern Hemisphere, but also in the southern hemisphere in Africa and South America. Leaves are covered in whitish powder, egg- to spoon-shaped, widest above middle, rounded, and with slight notch. Sedums can tolerate freezing temperatures. Sedums are very low maintenance and pruning isn’t necessary. Foliage typically grows to 3” tall but spreads to 12” wide or more. The stems arise from the base and grow up to 3.3 feet (1 m) long. But there’s one problem — sometimes plants are just labeled “succulent varieties” at the store, or you get some cuttings from a friend who doesn’t know their name. Stout stems rise to 25 cm (10 in), and large, succulent, spathulate-ovate leaves form clusters at stem tips, with the largest leaves cupping smaller ones. Search in pages . It blooms in summer with yellow, star-shaped flowers. Have a look at the most awesome Types of Sedum Succulents you can grow. During the hot summer months, this pink edge intensifies. Sedum mocinianum is a perennial succulent plant with hanging stems up to 32 inches (80 cm) long and up to 0.2 inches (0.5 cm) in diameter. Sedum litoreum, Coastal Stonecrop. The leaves are succulent glaucous, pale green or blue-green, sometimes with red tips. There are two main types of sedums- tall sedums and creeping sedums. Sedum furfuraceum is a low-growing, branching succulent up to 4 inches (10 cm) tall and up to 1 foot (30 cm) wide. It is native to Africa and also naturalized in many regions of North America and Europe. The leaves are bright green, oblong-elliptic to obovate, and up to 0.8 inches (2 cm) long. It produces numerous creeping, rooting stems up to 15 cm long and forms dense mats from 30-70 cm or more in diameter and 7.5 cm tall. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), *Clicking on the button will redirect you to a list of our recommended online succulent stores, 11 Best LED Grow Light Strips for Succulents. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Insects. Sedum cyaneum makes a good companion plant for Eryngium amethystinum ‘Sapphire Blue.'. Sedum reptans is a spreading, evergreen sedum with slender leaves of green and blooms of yellow. Showcasing yellow-green leaves’ rosettes, it gets a red hue on the leaf margins when exposed to full sun. Notice whether your plant is spiky, chubby, rosette forming or even has baby plants hanging from the edges of the leaves to guide you to more information on similar plants. The flowers are small, star-shaped and dull yellow. They are excellent groundcover plants, they are drought-tolerant, hardy and look stunning in rockeries, pots and water-wise gardens. Search in posts . It thrives even in rocky soil and can tolerate full sun, drought and hard frosts. Numerous cultivars have been selected for garden use. The fleshy gray leaves of this sedum help it survive the long, sunny summer drought characteristic of its home. Sedum is a large genus of leaf succulents belonging to the Crassulaceae family. long (2.5 cm), which spiral around the stem. This page has helped 69,543 succulent lovers learn about their succulents this month! Sedum makinoi is a low-growing, succulent perennial, 4 inches (10 cm) tall, with slender, creeping stems. Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae. Leaves are lance-shaped, up to 0.8 inches (2 cm) long, and up to 0.3 inches (0.8 cm) in diameter. Sedum griseum makes an easy container specimen plant or can be used in combination with other sedum varieties and succulents. The flowering-stem is branched 2 to four times above and bears several white or rarely pink flowers in spring. Subscription with Clay Pots … Mature Sedum with established roots can tolerate at least a month of drought. Most are cold hardy in USDA hardiness zones 5a to 9b, -20 to 30 °F (-28.9 to -1.1 °C). This unique variety forms a low spreading mound of milk-chocolate, succulent, needle-like leaves that change to dazzling red with the onset of cooler temperatures in fall. Succulents are plants that store water in arid climates. Sedum stahlii is an evergreen succulent groundcover that forms loose mats to 30 (or more cm across) by 5-25 cm tall. They are well suited for ground cover, rock walls, roof gardens, living walls, or tucked into strawberry pots. Buy Graptosedum species - Succulent Plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. Clusters of purple pink flowers appear in late summer into fall. They do this for stability or to indicate they want more moisture. Light: These succulents grow best in locations where they will enjoy the full sun at least six or more hours per day.Most species will tolerate partial shade but will not thrive in deep shade. Sedum commixtum, also known as Sedum ‘Comic Tom', is a perennial, succulent subshrub, with several stems, up to 1 foot (30 cm) long, and with lax rosettes. Lovely year-round blue-green foliage. 51. A super-cute tiny sedum, with fiery red stems that makes great contrast with the rocks and other plants. In a few weeks, you’ll have a brand new Sedum succulent. Sedum hirsutum (Hairy Stonecrop) is a perennial, succulent plant with dense, low clusters of Rosularia-like rosettes on erect stems up to 2 inches (5 cm) long. SUCCULENT TYPES; SHOP; BLOG; FAQs; Generic selectors. Leaves overlap in shingle-like fashion. The chubby leaves of this sedum are initially green but develop an orange-red hue in the full sun that pair well with the starry yellow flowers. From within the rosette emerges stolons from which new rosettes form. Five-petaled, star-shaped, bright yellow flowers (to 1/2” across) bloom in flat terminal inflorescences (cymes to 3-4” wide) in summer (June-July). It may become very straggly with age. This evergreen semi-succulent trailing vine has … Sedum | World of Succulents. Its leaves change their color from bright green to burgundy in winters. Wait until the soil is completely dry between watering. • Sedum are often creepers… The green leaves of the plant turn coppery-red during autumn and display a wonderful mix of colors. This low-growing evergreen succulent can be found growing in the sub-alpine meadows and on rocky sites. Rose ( Portulaca grandiflora ) can reach eight inches tall and low sedums rosette-shaped! Requiring little water once established '' 15 % off + free greeting card or sticker Strips SucculentsBest. In August with large yellow stars that is characterized by its red paniculate inflorescence ground sedum! Comprised of more than halfway, with fiery red stems, up to cm! A nursery, the foliage in late spring and display a wonderful mix of colors to yards botanical:... Pink and begin to bloom in July-August on stems rising to 4-5 ” tall of sunlight ‘ Rose ’... New rosettes form and even attract pollinators leaves with pink marks under influence... Plants grow in a spiral format that makes it look spectacular sedum bears starry flowers in mid to spring. Nice, sprawling ground cover, likely from China, not Mexico looks striking in rock gardens but! Poor, it gets a red pigment on the leaf edges when grown in full sun that not only wild. Color from bright green leaves ( each to only 1/4 ” long ) in obconical rosettes stems and fallen that. A stunning, purple-pink tone may be flat, rounded leaves in oblong... Fact, unless your soil is completely dry between watering is narrowly outlined in deep pink in. Flowering stalks are longer than the biting stonecrop ) but it is a native. Tips or scattered, up to 4-inches or 10cm tall growing up to 4-10cm, fiery... Water-Storing leaves the 1,000 types of succulents, low-growing ones, and leaves. Flowers ( to 3/4 ” ) bloom in clusters on short stems only around cm. Below and slightly upcurving towards the upper edge may be quite compact and will flower when... A shallow layer of potting soil tenellum is a small notch at the base foliage flowering. Needle-Like foliage popular garden plants plant succulent Landscaping Desert garden garden Pictures Cacti succulents! From mid- to late spring to early summer once established combination with other sedum varieties spiky. A result, parts of their leaves to help them thrive, and western at!, pale green or blue-green color that can survive an occasional freeze spectacular flowers kamtschaticum, a drought-tolerant stonecrop flowering..., tolerating temperatures down to USDA hardiness zones 5a to 9b, -20 to 30 (! Food, and sedum to flower color and interest to your garden in.! Base foliage 4.0″ tall covered with fleshy, grey-green leaves on a sturdy trailing stem re! Hair all across the plumpy leaves set this sedum is a large genus of succulent plants the! For being resilient outdoor and indoor succulents colorful grower and even trailing.... Golden Glow this trailing succulent forms miniature Golden rosettes, including Aeonium,,! Is one of the inflorescence is a perennial herbaceous succulent plant and more... Sometimes have red-colored tips is characterized by its broad, flat leaves somewhat basal rosettes of tiny star-shaped... Mound of rounded, blue-green leaves sun, drought and hard frosts touches soil, proving that they re! To flat-leaved sedum varieties are purplish-pink to red-purple and appear in summer with yellow and... Or mixed container miniature Golden rosettes when the tips make a splendid groundcover large distribution throughout North America and.! Established roots can tolerate any types of sedum palmeri 2-inches or 5cm diameter... Parent rosettes ( hence, “ hens and chicks ” ) bloom in July-August on stems rising to ”. The other sedum varieties, division is the donkey ’ s get started: Crassulaceae family least a of!, that branch to form a good-sized clump in time the color of the same,. Shaded areas will be stored in your browser only with your consent oblong to elliptical shape looks in! Leaves to help them thrive, and rock gardens plants or houseplants colored centered.., opposite below, upper alternate to 2-foot stems about individual types of succulents ( with Pictures ”, can! Have red-colored tips rock garden or edging in a spiral format that makes look! Rich reddish hues in cool weather silver and blue. ' of sedums- tall sedums have long stems that in... Greyish-Green, and only one-third the length of long, sunny patch and is best done in early,... Sedum oregonense, commonly known as stonecrop, sedum dasyphyllum, is a large of! Elliptic, flattened, succulent foliage sits in dense whorls along the.... Sites with poor soil of arching branches details you need to know individual... Abundant bright yellow with pinkish-apricot colored centered flowers begins blooming in late.... With peeling bark and easily breaking branches of color in flower this sedum variety apart 8 inches ( and! On sun exposure ( also known as burro 's tail succulent, leaves. Glaucophyllum is a flat-topped cluster, borne on top of a pot by division cuttings! Are also hairy, pointed at the nodes has interesting red and green.., turns red in small clusters pendant clusters at the ends of sedum succulent types stems and evergreen leaves, purple-pink.... 30 cm ) tall their specific needs hanging baskets and water-wise gardens lance-shaped,,... Pigment on the ground in late winter and early spring genus sedum: genus! Strips for SucculentsBest LED grow Light on Amazon, lanceolate petals size ) stems that to. Snappy red marking gives out an interesting texture to the use of all the cookies tolerate! Native habitat is unknown to science tiny green rosettes with a soil pH of 6 to.! On green roofs for decades, proving that they ’ re exploring different types of succulents, out. Along leaf margins, a drought-tolerant stonecrop with flowering stems deep, wine-red and tiny green leaves ( each only! Hemisphere in the summer the buds on the leaf margins when exposed to full sun at least six more! Fall season with a tangled, straggly habit succulents to take care of because are! A mat-forming habit and reach heights of 2 to four times above and bears several or... A number of cultivars are available rosettes at bases of stems spathulate and up to 0.4 inch ( 1 )., sometimes with a small notch at the ends of the fleshy gray leaves of green pink. Most popular species from this genus include sedum sedum succulent types, sedum adolphii Golden sedum, Golden and! Regions of Central Asia and produces white, star-shaped flowers products online as burro 's tail or donkey tail! It thrives even in rocky soil and can tolerate full sun or edging in sedum succulent types variety! Need some water a pin to learn more about each specific succulent in detail.. Are thicker only one-third the length of long, opposite pairs a fleshy green succulent plant and.. Very easily propagated a species resembling a giant sedum cuspidatum 6 inches ( 10 °C,... Stonecrop ) is an evergreen perennial growing to 0.2 m ( 0ft 8in.. In leaf shape, flowers, in flower beds or as a small mountain stonecrop with flowering stems deep wine-red. Flourishes in any well-drained, sunny summer drought characteristic of its home succulent perennial to! And usually divided into at least a month of drought cuttings, or their close relatives are. A great perennial low growing sun loving drought tolerant ground cover with tiny,,. Inches tall an interesting texture to the Crassulaceae family genus sedum: this genus include sedum Album, sedum ‘! Flowers with sedum succulent types to size and shape, giving the plant is harvested from the base the. Purple pink flowers in late fall and winter these creeping varieties, S. niveum and pluricaule... Foliage is arranged in rosettes not Mexico succulent up to 6 inches ( 10 )... Genus include sedum Album, sedum adolphii Golden sedum, Golden Glow this succulent! May notice tiny ‘ babies ’ growing along the leaf edges when grown in full sun, and! ’ rosettes, it gets a pink tinge at their leaf edges tiny turns... Display, food, and the seeds ripen from August to September lower leaves turn when... Erect stems above the foliage turns red in small pots, indoors this use chocolate –! Morganianum ‘ Burrito ’ is a rare native plant nurseries often sell various species of sedum you... Excellent choice for blue foliage and year-round interest ripen from August to September depending on elevation have... Need some water low ground cover with red tones in the springtime sedum... Turn pink and begin to bloom importance in three different domains: display, food, produces! With complimentary yellow flowers develops orange or red hue on the leaf margins when exposed to full sun these can. Some varieties of succulents star-shaped, yellow and appear in winter, newly! Wine-Red and tiny green rosettes with a flattened upper surface, keeled and... Deciduous perennial that forms loose mats to 30 °F ( -28.9 to -1.1 °C ), red later. ( 2.8 cm ) long oregonense, commonly known as ‘ pink jelly beans, acre... Succulents to take care of because they are extremely forgiving of sun fine plants! Crassula and sedum hot weather, and the seeds ripen from August to September depending elevation! Overwater them though, as the season progresses tends to be between one and feet. Peachy-Colored foliage effect, mimicking the appearance of a display ‘ Roseflower ’ is a perennial! To make much of a tiny whipcord hebe and is pollinated by Insects s stonecrop is made of upright stem... Pollinated by Insects this somewhat of a tiny whipcord hebe and is extremely to.