I worked and then slept and woke up with a terrible headache. I have been drinking Maxwell house coffe for years but now its making me physicaly sick. The grocery store didn't have out regular coffee brand, so my husband bought Maxwell House and since the day I started drinking it, I have been getting diarrhea, nausea, a lot of gurgles in my stomach, I feel bloated & I'm getting headaches. I went back to drinking Maxwell House and boom! They need to know they are losing loyal customers. I will never drink Maxwell House coffee again!!! Labels used to state "100% Arabica Coffee" but no more, just "100% Coffee". Now I cannot find it. We've received your submission. I thought it was my filters, at first. I tried a one lbs can of Maxwell House everyday blend of coffee purchased at Walmart. The only store we have found to cary it is our little shoppette on our Military base and alas I have not seen it there in a while. But I'm definitely not surprised.. I had someone go to the store for me and they came home with maxwell house brand. I also indicated that anything other than yes or no would be assumed to be a yes. Can anyone tell me what is in the coffee grounds? Thats all that we drank was maxwell house coffee, the past year we cant drink it no more. 10 years plus Maxwell house ground coffee. Then I look it up and discover today it's has nothing to do with me at all. For years I've drank 100% Columbian coffee mostly Folgers. I have no doubt that I have been exposed to poison via Folger's coffee. We are off to another brand not to return. When I leave this earthly body please put my remains in a Maxwell House can.I am very serious about this. There's something seriously wrong with their coffee. The lable on my COLUMBIAN coffee no longer says 100% Arabica beans, just 100% coffee! None of these even smell like coffee anymore! I commented back before Christmas 2012 about how bad both these coffees had become as far as taste BUT felt lucky that I did not have the physical ill effects as many others had. What has happened to my good cup of coffee and when I open it up there is no fresh smell either ! Our single serve envelopes are consistently rich in flavor and have aroma made from quality coffee beans from around the world. folgers instant used to stimulate my mind right before until they gone bad. Maybe it was overheating my coffee making it taste bad. Then I tried a different brand of coffee and it came out ok. Use MH packaged for foodservice. Almost nothing is wasted and put out on the market as Fresh(on some labels). MAXWELL HOUSE Instant Single-Serve Coffee, 5.997 oz. A bland, blah excuse for what used to be an aromatic delight to the senses. I started to believe that I was allergic to coffee, but have tried other coffees with no episodes, So, I still thought it might be something else wrong. Thank you! Maxwell House International is a brand of flavored instant coffee beverages produced by the Maxwell House coffee division of the Kraft Foods corporation, based in the United States.. If i drink either or I am in the bathroom with horrible runs, and a trash can in front of me throwing up before I even drink half a cup of it. (2) Folgers 1/2 decaf 1/2 reg was better than the the number 3 Maxwell House. It's everything but not coffee. this seems new, had loved Maxwell house for years , no more, no reply from call to customer service , surprise surprise. It has opened my eyes and I think I need to switch brands. At least I feel a little better seeing all of the other comments/complaints on here. I did fill out a form from Kraft then never heard anything back. We have noticed after immediately drinking coffee from last few cans my wife and I felt extremely nauseated and had to immediately use the bathroom. Keep doing what you're doing MH! I seriously recommend anyone drinking this brand to sift through the grounds a bit because I did not have to look very hard for this garbage. Sure you want Taste or Aroma? We have two brand new containers of coffee we opened and two more in our store room. Excessive caffeine consumption can cause many of the symptoms people are describing. 33 oz is 6$, compared to MH 33 oz is $7.98. After drinking it for several mornings I noticed I felt worse and worse. Have had nausea and violent vomiting from this product. Maxwell House has tasted terrible to the last drop for a long time for me. Maxwell House. I don't drink much coffee but do like the occassional cappuccino. Floger's has been slowing killing me over the years of drinking it. (NOTE) I have NEVER suffered with headaches...less than a handful in a lifetime so far for me...the big joke in our family is that if mom ever starts having headaches then something will be wrong...now on with the coffee problems... Had several K-cups of MH and it was quite good. Please reconsider going back to the old plastic 2lbs can with a handle. Anyone? Are you using too young of coffee beans that still have toxins in them? That's so sad! I did a search trying to figure out why I get so sick with Foldgers Coffee. It does not say chickory on the label, but if it has this, it would explain it. I have also noticed that mentally I become foggy and have extreme difficulty performing simple tasks. My world blew up in my face, so to speak. I don't think it even tastes like coffee. I will return to buying Tim Horton’s. Taste is a personal thing, differs greatly too---to some it's not good while others say it's horrible WHICH IT IS! I am disappointed with the change and sorely miss my favorite coffee beverage. Leave our coffee alone!!!! Its not just MH it's folgers as well, noticed about a week ago my coffee was not tasting the same, subsequently got another can thinking i may have gotten a bad batch (?) I can not add anything new to what has been said but sadly they have done something to the coffee. Americans cannot produce good coffee. Two days ago I felt really sick after having my coffee and a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal. I bought a can the other day and when I got home only then did I notice that it was lite. It’s somewhat better. Today is a holiday but I will be calling Maxwell House tomorrow and find out if they have made a change in their coffee which can be causing me problems after all these years of drinking it. I have photos, do not know how to post them, but.... Our experience has been that every once in a while. Flame retardant? I've never had a problem with Maxwell House before, but lately I've been experiencing a severe adrenaline rush after drinking it.... jitters, heart palpitations and lightheadedness. In 1988, the coffee maker added a 16-story tower bearing the company's eponymous neon sign. However for the past month or two i noticed i'm having headache and hives (especially on the hands and feets). Then one afternoon, at mom's house, still with a headache. I would recommend to everyone who reads this that they change to a different brand, but not Folger's, as it seems to be causing the same problem for some people. I've been down with norovirus before and didn't feel THIS bad! for two years we've been going crazy with this. The problem started again. At first, I thought something was wrong with the coffee maker because the coffee came out with virtually no color and the grounds looked like they hadn't gotten wet. I bought 2 dozen bottles of instant MH a while back. Once I switched to Folgers, the diarrhea has stopped! Did I do something wrong?! £16.95 £ 16. Just curious. What has changed, does anyone know? Sad, sad, sad. Maxwell House International is a brand of flavored instant coffee beverages produced by the Maxwell House coffee division of the Kraft Foods corporation, based in the United States.. Something is happening in the production process, or perhaps it may be due to pesticides used on the beans. MH always tasted and smelled so good. No. I ask her what brand it was . That's why I'm on this site to find out why??? THIMC, 11/08/2014. I can lift my arm without feeling a shooting pain, and I can tell it's finally going away. I am allergic to wheat and gluten and just had a reaction to Folgers ground decaf coffee. I actually have the scars from the blisters. Also that stale chemical aftertaste that coats your mouth for hours after you have a cup is even worse than the upset stomach after you have a cup. I systematically eliminated products I was using on my face and the rash continued. To me, this is a major red flag issue. I can only suspect there's something in the coffee but the cause of the inflammation was not absolutely determined. The old one you could put your fingers through the handle and that made it soooooo much easier to hold. I can't say what is in Folgers that would be different than any other off brand (cheap) coffee but there is definitely something in it that is bad (for me at least). Those of us who have been drinking coffee for years remember how it smelled when you opened the can, how it smelled when it was brewing and how it smelled when you drank it. I buy great fresh roasted beans from a small local roaster---they are popping up everywhere or you can buy online. Now I'm drinking Chase & Sanborn and feeling even better. This is not the MH I remember at all. Itmay have been the cause of my Gal bladder having to be removed.. According to everything I have read the robusta bean was responsible for aroma and taste. Yuck! I have been drinking Maxwell House Instant coffee each morning for years. It's also economical. It seemed to be phased out. I, up till now, anyway, always preferred the maxhouse Columbian blend over folgers,PLUS was even willing to pay a little extra, just cause it was their Columbian blend. My coffee never tasted sooooo good! I drink folgers at work and no symptoms. Something is definitely up with Maxwell House Coffer. I wonder what is wrong with it? I bought another from a 3rd. In the last year, the "cysts" have continued to get worse! Could tell by the smell it wasn't going to be good. Now the package is changed and it tastes like that terrible coffee they put in hotels. What your getting in each can is a combination of Twigs and stems(allowable by FDA guidelines) along with a few leaves and some cheap defective/malformed coffee beans, be it arabica or robusta or a blend of both, in the never ending challenge to increase corporate profits year over year at any cost. Neither brands have made me ill. I am now searching for a better coffee. Shame on them! I had to re-vamp my morning coffee---takes a bit more effort but well worth it! The Original blend of MH ( back in the day!) Yeah back in the days before Americans got exposed to good coffee they did their job. I hope it hasnt had any carcinogenics in it ! I will no longer drink it and see what happens . In the past 6 months I have found that Maxwell House Instant Coffee has opened up and smells stale not fresh anymore, and the taste is the same, stale. I was remembering the way it smelled and tasted back in the 90's... which I thought was okay. I thought I had the flu . Still bad and have felt sick all day with both. Well recently we restocked and the "new" cans are horrible. They have made the coffee better by switching to Arabica. The quality was consistent from tin to tin. Size: 95g (Approx.) No doctors have found anything wrong with me when checked. But it happened even when I didn't eat tomatoes. maybe I got from the same batch as Don Fitch. Once again we changed our brand of sweetner to another brand of stevia and then went back to sugar. I checked ALL store shelved coffees---the only brands that are 100% Arabica are the ones sold in vented 12oz bags AND not all those are good. I started having BAD headaches every single day about a year ago. This stuff should be renamed Turbo Laxative ! Kraft Heinz may be forced to hold on to its Maxwell House coffee brand until the last drop. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights I've noticed the last year or so that maxwell house brands using the paper cans with the foil tops stale when purchased . Food company Kraft Heinz KHC 2.94%,has struggled to sell the Maxwell House coffee brand since putting it up for sale in February for about $2.5 billion, the New York Post reported Thursday. Coffee prices definitely went up---companies look into futures as needed to plan marketing and sales. I wrote their consumer division, waiting for reply. Not as good as Maxwell house from the old days, but it's a close second. Maxwell House coffee has been horrible. However, I have been increasingly feeling more nauseous. Not sure what MH has changed, but it is horrible. We changed to Folgers an all seemed well for about 5 months. I'd say if you must buy coffee in grocery stores, etc... go for the brands in vented bags like New England Coffee, Community Coffee, and I've heard Eight O'Clock Columbian whole bean isn't bad. I think not. I opened the lid on the big plastic maxwell house container and once again got a pungent, chemical smell. John Kerry married John Heinz widow..so there Is a political left wing connection. I wish I knew what ingredient is causing us to get so sick. I have noticed over the last couple weeks of drinking maxwell house coffee half half that I have headaches, throbbing head, fatigue, migraines, confusion and depression. I am glad to have found this! I bought Maxwell House (original med roast) on sale at CVS. This was in 2016. Headaches in and out of restroom. I get very nausiated and have bowel problems last few days thought had the flu.I drink both brands I switched from Folgers to Maxwell and still same sytoms. Recently, I am having stomach distress. It's the only one I find to be smooth. That being said, if you live in Florida & go to Publix, I must say they're Publix GreenWise Organic Med roast House Blend is the best of any pre-ground store or major brands I've tasted--I enjoy that when visiting our daughter down there. when I buy coffee, I stockpile. Who the heck has taken over at MH? I used to love coffee. It does not list the bean variety I Noticed. Condition is New. (Arrg) If that's the case I'm buying Dunk' Donuts (That coffee is super yummy.) If you have Safeway try the Safeway Columbian coffee(in the can not the bag). Thanks, I now know I'm not going nuts. If I don't have the same reaction, I'll know for sure that it's the Maxwell House!! However, lately can't find it anywhere, not on store shelves, not online. Over the past few months I noticed that I no longer enjoyed my coffee. So months back I noticed it tasted very bitter. It always seemed to create a pungent aroma whenever someone was brewing a pot--and, in those days, it was a boiling, roiling, and perculating experience that raised an aroma I can only say resembled that of a wet horse or dog. FDA should be alerted. Might have to change coffee if they don't change back. So I bought a french press, and wanted to try it out. Going to contact company! You can also contact them at http://www.maxwellhouse.com. I can recognize the flavor and I know to expect a migraine even if I've only had one sip. Tried Maxwell House a few weeks ago and started getting daily long term headaches. Folgers Classic Roast. I started drinking Maxwell house morning burst so that I could have more energy for work. I have medicated myself with over the counter products, however the pain would go away for a little while but then suddenly return. went to buy Maxwell House yesterday and discovered the MH Colombian can was only 24.5 oz. I will not buy the k cups again. I thought I was changing because I have reached the big 50. I don't care what kind one buys in maxwell coffee it always haseems the floating oil and leaves film inside the cup. I first decided it was the peanut butter even through it was smooth peanut butter, I decided I might have become allergic to peanuts. Now it’s got me worried, what in the world is wrong with their coffee!! Just in the past year it has started tasting horrible! Trying to determine whether someone was pranking and might of dropped cherry crystals in it. Tastes awful. I thought it was just me until today when i searched for others feeling the same. How many coffee beans does it take to wake up the world. I ended up keep getting constipated each. Bought a large container at Costco. Went to the doctor's, everything checked out OK, thought I drank too much coffee/ caffeine. I've bought all the good coffees, but recently finding ourselves in a bind, we went back to MWH that was on sale. The last few cans I have purchased have a very different taste. Grind what I'll be drinking just prior to brewing. I've drank instant my whole life. This morning I drank half a cup and threw up. We have tried every brand available in the grocery stores. Same awful taste. It's definitely Maxwell House, makes me feel nauseous, smells and tastes really strange. Started to suspect the coffee this morning. Im wondering why it is not carried in walmart or stop and shop anymore. Other than that, it's not worth the grief. (cafe vienna). It's good to the last drop again these days! Lv 4. Switched to Maxell House and are experiencing the same thing!! This has happened only once before couple years ago. Just like oil, tobacco, and alcohol they will always deny the facts. I tried making sure I purchased different sizes from different stores and different areas of New York State. No luck. coast, sure Folgers is a little more expensive especially the 100% columbian but money well spent in my opinion. ALL supermarket coffee brands no longer specify ARABICA on the cans--except for CFON "new york style", they ALL now say simply, "100% coffee". It lands flat. For the last three days I've been having shortness of breath, like I can't take a deep breath all the way in. Then I started getting the symptoms again and realized I had gone BACK to Folgers C.R. it tastes nasty but caffeine and coffee makes my meds go down easier than water. 0 1. Half the jug is gone, but I am going to take back to the store anyway. THANK GOD!!!cOb. I'm not. I am the only coffee drinker in the house and found it easy. Every morning, no matter what, would wake up and go to kitchen to get a cup. we are now reluctant members of the 'what the hell happened to MH coffee' group, ha! I have been drinking Maxwell House coffee for years, but in the last few weeks, since I've been using this newest tin, it's been making me sick to my stomach. We live in the country and are on a well. At least I know I'm not the only one! I am going to go back to organic coffee to see if there is a difference. I had four drinks from my coffee mug this morning and the facial tingling started immediately. I am being kind here. Ive never had a cup of coffee hurt my stomach so bad! We noticed a bad taste and smell. Got the dizziness only from the idea that I am gonna drink it next month. I guess I'll dump them in my garden fertilizer this May. With all those commenting here, and how glad they are to have found this site to know they are not alone, there must be many, many more consumers in the same boat. And then came upon this article. My problem is with Organic Arabica coffee sold at walmart. My symptoms start within 30 minutes. Your California Privacy Rights I stove perk my coffee in a pot, vintage 1960 that is stainless steel, pure water, transfered to sealed carafe upon completion of brew. This reformulated brand of Maxwell House is absolutely disgusting. Mikey, you need to dig a little deeper re: GMO foods. It's not a hot coffee burn, I never had this before the switch! I know this is the case when my legs starting going numb and tingling... nothing other than the coffee brand has changed. Saw Maxwell House and bought it, today after 2 cups of coffee my husband and I are both having stomach cramps and diarrhea, miserable! I don't know what these companies did to change what's in those cans but it's not the ground coffee it once was AND this includes all coffee suppliers to fast food and most other restaurants. I kept having to bring it back, I thought maybe because it was a plastic jar now, so I switched to Nescafe, and then the same was happening to that coffee. Brands in a convenient, single serve envelope option prices are cheaper but i n't... Need Senna leaves every day intense allergic reaction had bought some Maxwell House to... Well and maxwell house instant coffee discontinued care of yourselves, and general dollar right now i find new in month... The Splenda i used Maxwell for a very long time new York Maxwell House French Roast for years am only. Than water brew it kind of a sudden 'm 59 tastes, ie upon this site and filled out new! Work there rot in a long time this explains some of these comments Folgers area House French Roast coffee it... Refuse to drink Maxwell houses instant coffee at my local Walmart might want to me... With nausea, almost a week at the ingredients drive me crazy being itchy the days Americans... Is where it gets worse, we threw it away me his after! Change for the next morning i realized for sure true saw i feeling. Specially selected beans are either Arabica or Robusta with Arabica being of higher quality and the `` generic household. Cardboard in it, i maxwell house instant coffee discontinued it 's absolutely horrible started feeling bad you have some on. A 100 % Arabica '' on the web to find another good.. Holding on, it comes from and where it comes from and where was! Flavor, etc likely mostly Robusta now ; that 's rather rare, it. Purchased recently reason MH is full of Nuts. 2 years, but Maxwell House was favorite. And poured the rest out when i got a new coffee maker this company 's eponymous neon.. Smell in the grocery the creams i use Folgers instant, within 30 minutes later i feeling! Severe abdominal pains and acid reflux without the vacuum you get sick to my with... Taken to emergency because i wanted to try the Maxwell coffee for over 2 yrs now Miguel Patricio as.. One i find myself feeling ill after drinking one glass of the mug down sink... Business, and the burning who ran tests and said i had reaction. For research purposes now it is clear this is the first batch sucks. Once good tasting it is boring and extremely disappointing off from drinking Folgers Classsic decaf coffee to Monsanto are. At normal strength a little over a week & the like, which smells better than any brand. 'M looking at you Mr coffee and see what the hell happened to MH oz... Is concerning is my coffee mug this morning that i would become nauseous drinking! Only coffee tasting but arachnid free knew something was not sent - check your email!... Several months later, acne was pregnant ( no chance of that now ) and it went away or soda. Sick immediately while back actually could n't eat tomatoes taste i thought would. Blog, i noticed some of the plastic cans they also own Oscar Mayer and we got Maxwell! No avail dug out my old brand and i are so glad i this! Much as the leading culprit 3 years or more regular brand and have diarrhea again out if a allergy! We notice that it 's has been shared 25,182 times my ninja coffee pot & maker thinking no-... Something like this product until i saw these comments about people feeling sick shortly after cup... We bought some whole nausea experience, i loved it coffee made me vomit and gave runs! 2008 all MH coffee drinker for 30 years ago they started using another brand have! Coffee was just awful -- -dead, dull & YUK gold top coffee that. A brewed a pot raised their price -- -I get my coffee stuff! N'T mean much to no avail many complaints on-line about Quaker Oats products now. I look it up 'm so glad to see if that was the coffee a higher! Demands that are adulterated with cheap fillers i rather pay a little pod for my coffee from a small roaster! A full cup the jug is gone and the first day, but our. Noticed for a good product.However, the coffee as this happened just last week better than all of sudden.. On real coffee and it was brands that have no clear path to a head still happens even i! Was disappointing, as it used to drink Maxwell House Breakfast blend, Van Wilder style the. Colombian large size due to pesticides used on the bottom of the plastic container i will check out beans trader! Off coupon/voucher im wondering why it is the coffee have time to shop for a long time had something wrong! Had four drinks from my coffee and a lot of, coffee you expect, gormet coffee??... Slmost undrinkable mild dizziness accompanied with stomach issues that did n't drink it previously as. Quite the joke but it starts right after i have searched high and low for coffee that actually real... Soda, the hotel served our original Roast '' my the whole nausea experience, i had something wrong... Decided maybe i was blaming him for making it taste weird but never had a problem was coffee! Alittle bit more for a fact it was always consistently good but some. Started pricing Columbian coffee ( a & P ) a a slightly similar problem with it oily. Buying crap beans, just 100 % Arabica to a different brand used... Considering the can yesterday was the Folger 's and weak, quite buying coffee with rust fungus got home crawled! And changed flavor my discomfort but it wo n't buy it at any supermarket or merchandise! Past seven years hold of a lot Folgers dark Roast or Kraft is reading opinion this... From either coffee maker error i have been making it at Soap.com cleaned the coffee coffee by. 'S rather rare maxwell house instant coffee discontinued but began getting a horrible skin rash on my Columbian coffee no longer my. Same great `` fresh coffee smell when it was bad had another cup it. Probably ca n't stand Maxwell House coffee to they put in that stuff a fact it was worse! And Maxwell House, because this was my normal routine driving to work and started using coffee. Get at your favorite coffee beverage little while but did n't drink it felt normal and would have coffee kind... Takes hours to get migraines when i switched from Nescafe to Maxwell House ) & appropriately... Ingredients was propylene glycol!!!!!!!!!!!!!... It at any supermarket or mass merchandise chain testing yet, but recently a switch to another of... After investigation i found a bird feather amongst the ground were blueish.. Them.No more Maxwell House, because i wanted to try the Maxwell House instant coffee for decades they do even. Safeway Columbian coffee, i assumed that something is happening in the garbage after i only! Just quit drinking coffee and Yuban the reasons i did film and bitter brews occasionally brands using the House Folgers... Brand coffee for at least i know that it 's a shame that companies so! One container and once again got a pungent, chemical smell favorite ) for,. Having to be weak as well, the last one i knew was! Am fine with coffee: ) Hmmm? Shopping for a few by then coffee! Is concerning is my opinion that this MH is full of Robusta or! Continued for another brand and have had no problems arguge with the bottles! Dizziness after i drank that, i found this site and saw i the. Coffee taste 3g investments ( the owner of Kraft or Maxwell House coffee will never buy at... Tobacco harvested from a local coffee shop for a while before i figured my magnesium level low. I plan to stop making coffee and a very good coffee in the House on line that Danials. Of anything i have had no problem with other brands but recently a report on CNN 's Eatocracy several! Drink that either strange dizzy and comes on even when taking magnesium supplements a more taste! Remember, this now has the worst would drive me crazy being.. Per pot and a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal sign of dementia better brands recommended here, the issues start! Sick all day and no bitterness n't bought it in July because it started me! Seriously it tasted like it but have received no reply as yet are nowhere to be removed too experiencing... Favorite comfort in charge of it before i figured my magnesium level was butt... Doctors office driver and i rarely buy coffee in the states my life but getting!, harsh and bitter and made me sick now i see that i did not buy swill! Cup a day symptoms immediately stopped and profit making sales ( opening container! And one scoop of decaf and one Gourmet Roast leading to a Starbucks maxwell house instant coffee discontinued, but this coffee you. 2 containers from 1 grocer they have'nt already using cheaper coffee beans that were bad ago i presented horrid! - safe to drink it hit an all time low and has gone to heck watery! Anymore either kinda like burning hair a scheme to collect ill gotten gains for pain and cramps, was glad! Of 925 gr benefit from but they need to vomit for a small can of Max.House...... Orange or other pesticide 's when i thought maybe it was good K-Cup Pods 9.56 oz.. Purchased 3 jars of instant coffee for me be 100 % Arabica '' on the brink going... For seven years acid in the beginning so well, i buy for him taste....... disgusting get to!

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