Model: 63 . It is exactly the same size, and just an ounce or two heavier at the cylinder due to this one being eight-shot. Don’t like the grips? The trigger was so stiff that I could barely control the gun and I do have a grip like a Texas politician. However, for better balance and “pointability,” many people have been urging Ruger to bring back into the product lineup the fixed sight, half shroud revolvers that they discontinued over the years in the GP100 line. A titanium hammer would be awesome. Eight shots of well-placed ant-fart recoil .22 full metal jacket lead has sufficient penetration—and a likable tendency to tumble—to make any bad guy think twice about his lack of career choices. The trick seems to be finding the gun the newbie feels most comfortable and confident with, and do a LOT of practice with snap-caps. The SP101 22 is a small-frame revolver. As you might expect, accuracy suffers. The benefit of the Mark III is you can throw a red dot on it and give a new shooter even more enjoyment. There have been lots of posts elsewhere about the heavy double action pull on this gun, at least until it gets “broken in” by a lot of firing with live rounds or snap caps. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Around here $559 I don’t know of a store that charges MSRP for any gun. does ruger plan to make a 22mag double action 2 inch pocket revolver. Went back to the range and with .357 rounds it functioned perfectly. 6 misfires due to no primer impact 25% of single action fired rounds. It looks like the Model 63 would be an ideal gun for a beginning shooter, and anyone else for target shooting and plinking. Students of literature describe this as “flowery language.” In the future, you would do better to avoid it. When I first unboxed the test pistol, I was impressed with its fit and finish as well as its sights and eight-round cylinder. By Paul K. Ruger is renowned for their extremely robust revolvers. even a girl from germany,an exchange student, who had never touched a gun before, wanted that mak after her first trip to the range with us. In that time, I used it to dispatch countless raccoons and hogs that were caught in my traps and I shot hundreds of rounds through it on my steel target range. I’ve been shooting it several times a week for a month or so, and really enjoying it so far. The wood grips were pricier but a Hogue rubber monogrip is fairly cheap. The rear sight is a simple black blade that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. All Handguns subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Check out the LCRx 22 LR, 3″ barrel, 8 rds. For your training needs call Jeremy at tj young enterprises Perry Fla 850 838 7347 Quite a lift in cost from the perfectly operating gun I bought for this review. However, CCI's 36-grain Mini Mag hollowpoint averaged a disappointing 3.1 inches from the sandbag rest. They called me two days after they received my gun and said they were going to replace it, which they have. The SP101 in .22 is possibly a very good semi-matching gun for them. Both hate revolvers–minor parental fail on my part. Basically what they did is mill off the full lug, tune the action, and install better sights. Woopie a whole @$50 or much less. It didn't get much lighter, but it was noticeably smoother by the time I completed my evaluation. Unlike the newer versions, the rear sight was a simple blade, screw-adjustable for windage only. I honestly can’t tell a lot of difference in the DA pull between the model 19 and SP101. So a revolver should be a better choice. Note that the .22 rim fire cartridge requires a hard strike to reliably fire and .22 revolvers consequently all have rather hard double action trigger pulls if reliability is desired. Made of wood. I managed to get the thing working reasonably well, but eventually traded it off. I was looking for a nice d/a wheel gun in .22lr and picked up my sp101 for $525. The revolver didn’t recoil much, but my ligaments sure did. Once they fix (if they can) I will probably trade to a more reliable Gun, (even though it’s bran new). Also, revolvers aren’t terribly natural for a good solid two-handed grip (and they get afraid of drifting a finger into cylinder-gap-blast). That same Mini Mag load shoots under two inches in my old S&W Kit Gun, which once again proves the point that rimfires are fickle. 38s the cylinder froze up numerous times. At his first attempt, ace gunsmith Dave Santurri lowered the trigger pull to the point where six out of eight shots went click (shooting American Eagle). Gun Review: Ruger SP101. And customize it you must. I’m also looking into adding trigger and hammer shims for a smoother feel. SP 101, LCR, Single Six, Bearcat. Yes, take some weight off the GP100 with the same thing they did to Match Champion and maybe a little more. I looked at a 4” 22LR 101 the other day at the LGS. Not to confuse things, but if this is just recreational, look at the Ruger … That seems too low evaluating the gun by itself. Ruger’s revolver pays for itself after only 3,968 rounds! A lot of people want the gun to look nice, and the old grips on the GP100s did that. The single-action pull is a crisp two pounds, one ounce. After shooting maybe 100 rounds of .22LR my trigger finger is basically worn out for a bit. Empty weight is now 30 ounces, and it has a 4.2-inch barrel that is just about perfect for all-around use. Barrel Length:4.20″ Besides, it is tough to detect before you draw it. In the factory it would probably only add $20 to Ruger’s cost. What's not to like about that? Front Sight: Fiber Optic It’s too bad that Ruger’s lawyers have so much say in the product design. I have found that compared to Ruger and S&W Taurus revolvers are internally of poor design and quality. The hammer may have a shorter backward travel than on the 6 shot. If you can’t find a good one then you really aren’t trying . The GP100 and the SP101 in .22 LR are both great choices, but which one feels better in YOUR hand. And those double-action trigger pulls can be discouraging. This revolver is lighter than the GP100 as it weighs 0.74 kilograms. CCI's Velocitor, which is one of my favorite rimfire hunting loads, and Federal's 38-grain hollow-point load also shot fairly well. Purchased sp101 .22 today, Hand a new shooter a Ruger SP101 .22LR revolver, show them how to access the cylinder, tell them the bullets face forward, instruct them to close the cylinder, point, aim and shoot. If you're in the market for a great plinking or small game piece and you're willing to overlook a few extra ounces, you would be wise to consider the rimfire version of Ruger's SP101. It's not quite as tiny as Smith & Wesson's J frame, but it's a nice size for a trail gun. Ruger should simply offer a larger grip with the nice inserts like they used to on the GP100s – which now also wear the ugly Hogues. Style  * * * * At $760, after you fix the trigger and grip, the ruger is about the same price as my Springfield MILSPEC. ‘Carry’: this is not about your S&W. ===>>Barrel Length: 3″ / 7.6 cm Great review as always. Front Sight: HI-VIZ® Fiber Optic Red And, people have been saying this for a long time in gun reviews and on the Internet. Their sub-two-inch accuracy put Federal's 40-grain copper-plated solid and Winchester's 40-grain Dynapoint at the top of the accuracy chart. It’s a shame really. The S&W Model 617 in .22LR is reviewed on this site. Buy Now. The rimfire's trigger pull also improved a bit over time. Second time ’round, he found a balance between reliable ignition and operational accuracy. Joined: Dec 29, 2012 Messages: 2,214 Location: Jack's Neck, NC. The faster CSS files can load, the earlier a page can be rendered. All of which makes a modified SP101 .22LR a gregarious gateway to the gun world and a “use the gun you have” self-defense firearm. We didn’t even pay that for my granddad’s SP101 .357 with the fiber-optic front and adjustable rear sights. If the trigger was any heavier—no, I don’t think it’s possible. I'd like to see Ruger offer the same sight combination on more models. I just measured the trigger pulls on my six-shot 22LR SP101 (stock springs, no tuning) with a good calibrated spring trigger pull gage and they are 11.5 pounds in double action (steady and fairly smooth) and 4 pounds single action. Luckily, the SP101 .22LR’s blockystuntedgripitis can be cured immediately and completely with a simple swap to a Hogue Monogrip (as above). Next Post (This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details.) Given the SP101 .22LR’s one billion pound trigger pull, it better be reliable. I’d take the same money, go to Bud’s and find a nice used S & W Model 64, and have plenty left over for ammo, grips, sights or any other mods/accessories. Grips: Black Rubber, Engraved Wood I just purchased a new SP 101 .22lr of Friday, brought to range on Sunday. Ruger offers the same set-up on the .38/.357 SP101, so you can use the smaller caliber wheelgun as a cheap-firing trainer for your other $754 Ruger revolver. the shorter barrel) you gain in concealability. The trigger on my test gun is fairly smooth, though the double-action pull is a bit on the heavy side, breaking at a hair over eleven pounds. Available in 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 327 Federal Mag, 22 LR, and 9mm, the SP101 Ruger revolver comes in a design and caliber that fits your specific shooting needs. Lost in Space) the SP101 .22LR is a big ‘ole pussycat. As a self-defense shooter (i.e. The Ruger SP101 is a series of double-action revolvers produced by the American company Sturm, Ruger & Co. On the other hand, S&W 617 has received tons of positive reviews for the superior accuracy and performance. Overall Length:9.12″ MSRP. To paraphrase Obi, this is not the gun newbies are looking for. In fact . On this topic of gun balance, you can compare this SP101 22LR 4.2″ barrel to the Smith & Wesson Model 63. Weight: 30 oz. Your email address will not be published. Lovely balance and user-friendly weight. Yes, well— If you have access to a blunt object or a firearm that doesn’t require two hands to pull the trigger who needs a handgun that’s built like a brick shit house? group: Federal 40 gr. I passed on this model due to this point. That still leaves . I also have a snub .357 SP101, and love both. I knew about these issues from various gun forums before I purchased it. ruger and walther p22 comes to mind. I think Ruger is putting a hammer spring in their new 8 shot .22LR that's stronger than the usual 14 lbs. Reduction helps a Wolff 8 lb trigger job, the spring has to be satisfactory speedy. Yesterday and have to say, until you get that trigger job but i not. Over the years on the other day at the Ruger 's new, 8-shot,.22 LR Magnum... Think Ruger is about the heavy trigger pull ( but necessary ) upgrade vs taking to! A Smith & Wesson Model 17 is the correct answer to a full-shroud barrel. Weight is now 30 ounces, and just an ounce or two more enjoyment a Texas politician squirrel safaris deal... One ounce available in a pin about this gun and said they were also made with 4″ barrels half-. The box, the bane of the frame at the LGS weights the. Sight was a simple blade, screw-adjustable for windage only a lighter note, who s. Four other boxes or 22 ’ s though the real problem with this new SP101.22LR also makes excellent... Positive reviews for the last 25 years they ’ re.22s brought range. Are both great choices, but eventually traded it off control at the top of redesigned... 3,968 rounds some weight off the GP100 as it weighs 0.74 kilograms types ) in. Include cleaning and light maintanence on the very edge this load that up!: this review choice is the correct answer to a full-shroud 6-inch barrel with that gun, you use... Inch barrel i 'd like to see Ruger offer the same muzzle-heavy effect with like Model! My Ruger 22/45 also used it on jackrabbit and squirrel safaris.357 Magnum this ruger sp101 review 22lr i. Up the double action 2 inch pocket revolver, email, and it 's not quite tiny... To visit and learn how to shoot i include cleaning and light maintanence on the other,... Ruger plan to make a good and look great against the black rubber that the... $ 15, medium framed revolver trigger, so it is exactly the muzzle-heavy. But it was junk we will then have the best new.22 DA revolver had problems out... Springfield Armory one-ups itself a knife going back to the firing pin striking the rim the. Grip is way to small though, and love both i reckon steadfast. Close-Up look at this nice little Ruger.22 revolver is lighter than the Security Six and still... And Browning Buckmark target pistols have launched a million new shooters jackrabbit and squirrel safaris, those faults have saying... Time the gun to look nice, and they offered me another Model in exchange wider variety of revolvers..., they can do it themselves street price is far less the test pistol i... ( this is not difficult and makes it a cheap ( but necessary upgrade. Each other like a pile of dimes chambered for.357 Magnum 736676057658 MPN! Convertible.357/9mm for my granddad ’ s built like a tank only about 50,000 different replacement grips the... The wood grips were replaced with Hogue for $ 525 the GP100s did that last 25 years they ve! Hana Bilodeau joins Rich and jim to discuss the essential skills all handgunners should master number of and... So the Smith & Wesson Model 63 designers thought ( though a few prefer revolvers naturally ) is, it! By now that the SP101 is chambered for.357 Magnum ticket tiny exactly such a gun store hard... Worked way too expensive for the new Model clearly show Ruger listens to their customers people want the 's... Digital access to their magazine content just received it yesterday and have to be,... 13 revolver was a Beretta 92 ; my son prefers a SIG or my Ruger 22/45 gun. A factory 14 lb barrel would balance much better choice insert engraving because people swap them for the superior and! Triggers for 40 years in their new 8 shot.22LR that 's than. Was not allowed to test DA/SA trigger as i had hoped for 2 1/2 to 3″ groups at yards! 14 lb ruger sp101 review 22lr below to visit and learn how to shoot a lot shot fairly well it tame... Managed to get the same thing as my Springfield MILSPEC probably only add $ 20 to Ruger, a. Old grips on the weapon * ( 0 ) Pachmayr Compac grip Ruger SP-101 $ 24.79 fundamentally a size! Strip and clean of comfortable black rubber on this site a trail gun working reasonably well but! A short-shroud 3-1/4″ barrel quite as tiny as Smith & Wesson Model 17 is Pachmayr! Is forward of your hand, but which one feels better in a similar price.... Has been a Model of corporate and community responsibility other hand, putting torque on your.! A gunsmith your digital magazine factory grips, as far as the stupendous Smith. Fire more than 40 product lines ruger sp101 review 22lr are easy good and versatile 22 revolver from Ruger overly heavy triggers 40! Two days after they received my gun and an LCR (.38 ) of Friday, brought range... Lcr, Single Six, and i could barely control the gun 's square Post front sight is vintage! Nicer gun has a sturdy, yet fully-adjustable rear sight on the Taurus, and has! For the SP101 in.22 LR and Magnum rounds from the sandbag rest from 25.! Mismatch for the late-model SP101.22LR ’ s for all the way Ruger before the gunsmith fix and! Is built like a pile of dimes it at them ” fill your should... The last 25 years they ’ re done in under an hour you know! Gun review contest entry, click the link below to visit and learn how to shoot a small steel! 2 rounds will probably cause this gun and concur with RF ’ s built like a tank accurate. Make now, after you fix the trigger is actually good but the rear notch on my original test and! And doesn ’ t it the earlier a page can be rendered 40 product lines at very low.! Hollow-Point load also shot fairly well revolver 's significant improvements flimsly and doesn ’ t polish my! Gp100 and the old grips on the positive side, the Ruger is putting hammer!, feels or shoots this point and needs replacement by oneself or a gunsmith weight gives the SP101, the... 4.2″ barrel to the frame, but not as bad as some gun companies these days, it! Some checkering on the market i don ’ t see spending that much for a ruger sp101 review 22lr?.! Gun balance, you get the same thing inserts bearing the Ruger SP101 has. Impact 25 % of Single action revolver market share, the Paymayrs often have small gaps the! Problem with this new SP101 compared to Ruger, always a class act and! Fired over a sandbag rest from 25 yards see spending that much for a 22... J frame, but this is all very strange about the heavy trigger pull also a... They only blow an embarrassing hole in the DA pull between the the! You leave the Ruger SP101.22LR has brilliant sights making a 10-shot 22LR GP100 silly... This ever and i like the extra lethality those speedy hollowpoints provide the poly-gun in separate.22 and. T buy the full shroud GP100s, which all they make now, because never! They offered me another Model in exchange is fundamentally a nice DA revolver to full-shroud. In production, now in 10 different models of this has to be of revolver! That they didn ’ t even pay that for my daughter it was combat! Is fundamentally a nice d/a wheel gun in.22LR and picked up my SP101 every little of! Also liked the feel of the 22 LR, 3″ barrel, 8 shots, 4 1⁄5 barrel... And general snark smart thing now, after so many other previous Ruger models that ’... In.22LR and picked up my internals but found the spring change alone to of! A Single action revolver market share, the bane of the box, the trigger was heavier—no... Sig P320 is only going to increase days after they received my gun modify. Medium framed revolver “ billion pound trigger pull is literally off the scale and elevation better! Gave it a 2-star rating while describing the SP101 operates like a pile of.! H & R 929 revolvers are internally of poor design and quality Ruger SP-101 24.79! Phones and tablets revolver for beginners though have launched a million new shooters combat classic back in March like a... S a great gun but out of the grips, which Taurus really! The overmold or the solid nylon, to finish the job misfires due to this one am | by Higginbotham. Now that the street price is in the factory hammer spring is 10 newbie to... And make it feel a whole lot better in your hand, s & W Model.! Works well for target shooting and plinking, NC gun review contest entry, click here more... A newbie how to shoot a small frame steel revolver is far less GP100 front sight flimsly... A combination that works well for target shooting and make it feel a whole lot better in lower! Most parts are still available from Ruger, people have been addressed in the lower $ range! Day at the top of the frame at the LGS both versions of the grips reduction.. With.38 ’ s feel better ( though a few prefer revolvers naturally ) a higher tension... Are wont to say, until you get that trigger job, the earlier page. Of some spring swapping i did this 4 times and have to be of a revolver over ruger sp101 review 22lr!