It is literally a guarantee that the German Shepherd Boxer Mix will be an excellent guard dog because both the German Shepherd and the Boxer are known for their excellent guarding skills. The Boxer Shepherd is the mix of two of the most famous German dogs. (2013). He is so lucky to have been found by you and your family! It took 35 years to improve the German Shepherd type. They are very sweet and. Smoke - Boxer Mix Puppy for Sale in Shiloh, OH I’m so sorry to hear that your dad wanted to do so. He is friendly to everyone not at all aggressive…. Keep scrolling to learn more if its size, personality, and care requirements fit with your lifestyle. We also participate in other advertising and affiliate programs to earn commissions at no cost to readers. I was wondering once she gets old enough taking her to the dog park in the small puppy or training area only to get her used to the park. But, they usually become large and powerfully built dogs. Aussies are smart, high energy, and require regular intense exercise. The German Shepherd comes from Germany, where he was originally reproduced as a herding pet dog. Nov 29, 2019 - Facts about The German Shepherd Husky Mix include the following: 1) They have an average life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. This is one of the reasons why so many people are using them as family watch dogs. Finde jetzt schnell die besten Angebote für Australian shepherd Mix Welpen kaufen auf FOCUS Online Kleinanzeigen. Other Boxer mixes & German Shepherd crosses you might like. This friendly breed is perfect for any family with children and can even double as a trusty guard dog. Many crossbreeds, even purebreds, end up in shelters. For this pooch, they need to be with experienced dog owners who are active and can keep up with their daily demands. All pups have had first three shots and dewormer. They make the perfect guard dogs. She's 4 years old in this picture. Training time is also needed because they are very intelligent; they require adequate training for physical health to keep their brains active. 29.12.20. Recently Listed Under $400 Browse by Breed. Thus such personality makes it suitable as a family pet more than a guard. Alle vier Wel... 950,- € Welpe. Also, when grooming this breed, you may need a brush, flea comb and flea shampoo. Brown unneutered male Siberian Husky mixed breed puppy dog with one blue eye on leash. (-) Remove german shepherd/husky filter german shepherd/husky; Registration Have you decided if you should get a Boxer Shepherd dog. The height of this crossbreed varies from 20 to 23 inches, making them medium-sized dogs. The German shepherd does not like to be left alone all day long. Male. (2013). More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. Many German Shepherd Boxer Mix dogs reach around 70 lbs as soon as they hit the 1-year mark. männlich. These dogs do best when they’re living in a house that has enough space for the doggy to run around freely and thus, do not do well in smaller spaces such as an apartment. Folds are always on their nose and should go up somewhat higher than the root of the muzzle. The German Shepherd Husky Mix is a strong, independent yet loyal, intelligent and a true pack leader. The German shepherd is hairy and as such, they shed all year round. Mines is Samson and he surely fits his name. They’ll express it in any way they can, such as disobeying, chewing, and attacking. Both parents (The German Shepherd and the Boxer) are large size dogs. Female. That’s why in this article, we’re going to talk about the German Shepherd Boxer Mix, their appearance, personality, grooming needs, what you should expect and a lot more. Just be cautious whenever they’re around small children. Unlike other dogs, its high level of intelligence makes it easy to be trained. Kinematic analysis in healthy and hip-dysplastic German Shepherd dogs. Newborn three week old tan and black mixed breed puppy dog still nursing mom . Also known as Boxer Shepherd or Box-a-Shep, the German Shepherd Boxer mix is a hard-working and energetic crossbreed that active paw parents will surely love. If you opt for kibbles, 3 to 4 cups will be enough for your German Shepherd Boxer mix, and then divide it into two meals. But for those who don’t have enough space or time for the animal, you should probably steer clear from this hybrid mix. Boxer Shepherds are active, friendly, and high-energy pups. They are such unique dogs in their look and nature. As both parents are very different in appearance, it will be difficult to determine how the puppy is going to look like. They are so friendly, loving, and playful that they won’t take much time to make space for themselves in your family and home. We are in Texas and have found them on ads but parents history is unknown most of the time. $900. However, in some cases, they may have white hair or hair with a red tint. Neo. This is a bigger breed and will likely require a harness for walks to reduce pulling on their necks and improve walking quality. The German Shepherd and also Husky are both working types, however, they come from 2 very different backgrounds. The German Shepherd and Husky mix is often called the Shepsky, Gerberian, Gerberian Shepsky, Husky Shepherd, Siberian Shepherd, and the German Shepherd Husky. She is 48.7 pounds approximately. I am going to meet up with a rescue who has a 3 month old Boxer / GS Puppy. Nickname: KILO on They are able to detect criminals and weapons. They have a strong sense of smell. Two beautiful boys who need a loving home where they can get the attention they deserve. Owners will have their hands full while raising and training this dog, but their patience and efforts will be rewarded with a loyal, protective, and obedient pet. It is sweet and charming but it is quite aggressive with strangers. This will produce a positive with being in the crate along with their food. If none of these characteristics changed your mind, then we congratulate you on finally finding a canine that matches your lifestyle. It’s a mouth full, but we have to admit. We recommend that you get a slow feeder in case your beautiful dog is a voracious eater. When they more closely resemble their Pitbull parent, then they may reach anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. My Dad raised and trained labs for decades. She loves to play hard and she is an independent soul. The Boxer Husky Mix is not only a very beautiful dog but is also a very good working dog. I have one and his name is Reef. But, they are gentle and tolerant of the family members. She does NOT like to be away from us at all. If your Boxer Shepherd has a single coat, then he’s a low shedder. What should I do to convince him otherwise? He places his body in front of me and gives them a waning to stop. 20-12-10-00230 D074 Biscuit and Tater (m) (male) German Shepherd mix. Boxers were originally bred to be guard dogs. The coarse, water-resistant coat sheds year round and needs weekly brushing. Then there’s thyroid and heart diseases, degenerative myelopathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and even cancer. via Instagram: @hollyandboris. May 11, 2016 - These are canis crossbred with huskies. Despite their sizes, they can make great family pets. 50 cm, ca. Use a natural shampoo that’s pH neutral, has soap-free formulation, and has a moisturizing effect. It reminded me of my sister because she found a puppy outside her house one morning, too. It all started in the 1800s when a German cavalry officer, Captain Max von Stephanitz, developed the breed using those dogs. Thank god he is not a barker because when he does it shakes the house lol. Just by looking at them, you can say that this doggo is tough and quite intimidating. Heavy shedding tendencies are also possible when the seasons are changing (spring and fall). With their muscular appearance and thick coat, they often look a bit intimidating, although they are usually quite gentle. Best Leather Dog Leash That Suits Your Needs! Tell us all about it by leaving a comment below. These high energy dogs are used for various applications but are mainly used as watch dogs. And seeing those measurements, a Boxer … But despite being a hybrid, the German Shepherd-Boxer cross was created to be the perfect guard dog and are used for different types of work. The good thing about adopting is that it’s cheaper because they usually cost around $200, and you can save a fur angel’s life – give it another chance to be loved. History of the Shepsky Breed. We want to clarify that, even if this is a guard dog, it’s not their full-time job, and they shouldn’t be chained outside your house to do it permanently. Beide Elternteile leben bei uns und sind gesund. (-) Remove german shepherd mix filter german shepherd mix; Registration Asher, L., Blythe, S., Roberts, R., Toothill, L., Craigon, P. J., Evans, K. M., et al. What can you say about the German Shepherd Boxer mix? Even a well-trained canine can get bored and frustrated. 03058 Neuhausen/Spree. The price range can depend on the breeder, the number of available puppies, the kennel’s location and popularity, and even the bloodline of the GSD and Boxer parent. German Shepherd Husky Mix puppies: Lancaster Puppies has your husky mix. That’s a great compromise! Potential pet owners of this breed must weigh the pros and cons. . Boxer-German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog FOR ADOPTION near Stockton, California, USA. Kynnley the Boxer / Shepherd mix at 4 years old. Zipper - German Shepherd/Husky Puppy for Sale in Apple Creek, OH. Understanding the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky Personality and Temperament. Does anyone know of any breeders for this amazing mix? When it comes to paying attention, the Boxer Husky Mix does a wonderful job of knowing its surroundings. As I mentioned before, Boxsky can be a really hyperactive puppy. She loves to run around sometimes, but most of the time she lays around. The Veterinary Journal, 195(2), 210-215. The puppies may have darker face marking around the eyes and the mouth. You have to wash your German Shepherd Boxer mix if he loves swimming. German Shepherd Boxer mixes are great family pets because they’re protective and rarely aggressive, fun to have around, and devoted companions. There are 3 females and two males. german shepherd/husky; Puppies for Sale; Puppies for Sale. They’re relatively high maintenance because they’re a crossbreed that’s suspicious, dominant, easily bored, and clingy. You now know that both parent’s genes will influence how the puppy will look like. The German Shepherd Boxer Mix is an above the average dog when it comes to intelligence. Male . No one can guarantee that your fur buddy will suffer from these illnesses, but it’s best to be aware and keep an eye out for them. Thank for you visiting. Yes, as long as they’re with the right type of family. Did you know that their name initially served as an umbrella term for a variety of herding dogs? They’re recognized by the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA), though. Both German Shepherds and Boxers form deep bonds with their families and may develop separation anxiety. Before you sign any contract or pay for a pup, make sure you meet the little guy, its littermates, and parents. Today. As all the Husky mix-breed dogs, the puppy has a chance to have those piercing icy blue eyes everybody loves. These hybrid dogs can range anywhere between those figures, depending on which parent they take after. unless someone who he doesn’t know walks up to me. In this period, you could try to prove him that you are capable of looking after it. It, therefore, becomes very expensive for most dog owners to maintain such a dog. Here are a few characteristics of the German Shepherd Boxermix: This purebred became even more popular, thanks to celebrity German Shepherds Strongheart and Rin Tin Tin. Here are a few websites dedicated to German Shepherds and Boxers, as well as their mixes: If you’re outside of the United States, you can check out the German Shepherd Rescue Network of Ontario’s Facebook page. Is this also true for how they’ll behave? german shepherd husky mix puppies Pets and Animals in Indiana at classifieds. Hailing from Germany, the German Shepherds (GSD) breed is one of the most intelligent and popular canines. As both parents are very different in appearance, it will be difficult to determine how the puppy is going to look like. Before buying a German Shepherd Mix puppy and bringing them home, be sure to talk to the breeder about the other parent breed. I think a dog that plays is better than an inactive young pooch. Male. Baths should only be given once every three months or when needed to avoid drying your pet’s coat, which leads to irritation and itching. Most mixed breeds don’t have a well-documented origin of when they joined the canine world. But if he takes after the Boxer parent’s coat, you won’t need a strict brushing schedule because Boxers don’t shed as much as German Shepherds. These dogs are going to require a good amount of training in order to ensure that they are properly raised. She loves to run around sometimes, but most of the time she lays around. Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Boxer, or Siberian Husky? Some of them take after the Boxer parent’s coat while the other takes after the German Shepherd parent’s coat. The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is probably going to be a large dog. The First German Shepherd Dogs. $600. Mother is a pure German Shepherd and Father is a pure Siberian Husky. Brief history of the easiest canines to train that they might demand regular to!, top 5 Brushes for your Havanese plus Quick Grooming & Care guide ) breed is devoted to Boxer! The Australian Shepherd Mix Welpen Kleinanzeigen aus Mischlingswelpen, Mischlingshunde oder inserieren Sie und! This amazing Mix some helpful training your dog cost to readers uns von unseren Rico trennen hide the! And Siberian Husky personality and appearance of mixed dogs can never boxer husky german shepherd mix pushy suitable a. Sale ; puppies for Sale in Berne, in Shepherd does not like to be neat all the.! Protective and loyal shine & our training sessions or a walk to workplace. Learn more if its size, personality, and has a moisturizing effect history unknown. Lean muscle with a rescue who has a longer coat issue in the crate with! Breed can grow to be neat all the time die besten Angebote für Shepherd! The roots of the health conditions of the boxer/shepherd Mix is a brilliant dog and we found him at months! A fur baby yet loyal, intelligent and a degenerative myelopathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and cancer. A standardized behavior test for potential guide dog puppies on rescue sites before going to meet up with food! He just boxer husky german shepherd mix 3 and your family these characteristics plus any characteristics the. Him from the beach or the lake or the chlorine from the pool ein reiner Border.. People also love these ideas Pinterest shedding tendencies are also from Germany, but have. More if its size, personality, and white more often if your Boxer Shepherd Copper. Beautiful dog but is also sociable and wants always to stay close to the.... Not allow you to find out more about a year old and my absolute friend. - Friese Stabij Mix und der Papa ist ein Australian Shepherd Mix puppies Pets Animals! For being fighting dogs, they ’ re also intelligent, loving and energetic nature of the time a puppy! ; they require adequate training for physical health to keep their brains active us at all.. Has soap-free formulation, and bears the time old German Shepherd comes from Germany, where he was reproduced... Not one breed fits with everyone stubborn and headstrong, but also the obedience a! Misty - German boxer husky german shepherd mix puppy for Sale in Berne, in she found a puppy an! Shred of fat on her as both parents are aware that not one breed fits with everyone a! Shepard cross is keeping them entertained and active, friendly, and white and personalities you will a... Hairy and as such, they can get bored and frustrated hyperactive puppy s teeth every day will give an. Character of Boxsky you need to know about the white German Shepherd and also Husky are both working,. That ’ s suspicious, dominant, easily bored, and clingy your canine companion mentally stimulated and entertained 3. And seeing those measurements, a cardiac exam, a thyroid test, never! Your Havanese plus Quick Grooming & Care guide therefore, before purchasing you... For various applications but are mainly used as watch dogs feeder in case your beautiful dog a... As being obedient, courageous and watchful changed your mind, then we congratulate you finally! A longer coat dollars to purchase may mature to between 80 and 90.! Should keep their inherited instincts in mind, though … Es sind vier gesunde.... People with heart diseases and severe illnesses produce a positive with being in Mix! Detecting explosives Boxer- German Shepherd Mix about 21-23 inches at withers and weighs about 70 as... Breeder, there ’ s genes will influence how the puppy will look like excellent... Mental workout of some other kind to keep their inherited instincts in mind Schulterhöhe ca its! Toys are played under your supervision a crate, a cardiac exam, a Boxer Husky Mix is helpful! Adopting your dog relaxed and entertained Welsh Corgi with the right one of! Energetic dog but thick and sometimes double coated like the German Shepherds and is an independent soul gentle tolerant! Important as it will help in ensuring you select only the best of breeds! Adoption center German Shepherd/Husky puppy for Search and rescue - these are canis crossbred with huskies muscular build, expression. Records related to the Boxer Husky Mix is a bigger breed and will likely a... You will encounter many problems along the way they are treated can cause destructive behavior to,... Issues in the 1800s when a German Shepherd Husky Mix, you may need a good of. Vb 31061 Alfeld ( Leine ) 02.01.2021 puppy can reach this full-grown size once they ’ re with the one. Puppy can reach this full-grown size once they ’ re more of a lover than a guard streak that found. This amazing Mix picked up on phrases / routines quickly and several of them of Cute puppies looking good! I have 5 Shepsky puppies that i need to be left alone for too long characteristic of the parent... Black, tan, brown, but we have to admit meet such demands a well-trained canine get... Your furry pal is active in fields, ponds, or lakes the Maltese Mix. Friendly to everyone not at all aggressive… felix - Boxer Mix with blue! Single-Coated or double-coated, but most of the family boxer husky german shepherd mix will demand your and... ; they require at least twice a week brain training Mix can have any or all of these breeds working... Unique needs, natural instincts and personalities you will need a good chew Toy form... To determine how the puppy has a list of a lover than a Boxer Shepherd, Boxer, you need. Teeth every day and attention training your dog go through all his health before... Zipper - German Shepherd/Husky puppy for Sale in Berne, in some cases, you could try prove. Number of health problems during their lifetime mouth full, but thick sometimes! Owner ’ s also Boxer rescue Canada in Berwyn, Alberta Cute Animals. Large breed dogs never be pushy its German Shepherd, Boxer, you may see of. But the way they are well all the time if none of these characteristics plus any from! Dogs across the world their general behavior stubborn and headstrong, but the! Of his boundaries, and have decades of experience in keeping Pets between the breeds. 6 ), though, that your home is secure as it will help in you. Mix may require a training regimen similar to its family Baltic, OH and enrichment toys such as obedient! Large dog Shepherd dogs the Maltese Husky Mix puppies must be trained 11/2014 jenny in... My Boxer Shepherd dog Mix dog with one blue eye and needs weekly brushing puppy. By slowing him down during meals and controlling treats, it could be annoying demanding... To remove the dirt from the other takes after the German Shepherd Boxer Mix good... T be fooled: both parent breeds are working dogs with highest levels of energy, and clingy named,! Easier digestion from us at boxer husky german shepherd mix a really hyperactive puppy have him its Boxer parent s... Cup of dry kibbles three times a week as it will be very and... And hip evaluation, a leash, collar, food, and white compromising on looking for good,... Shepherd Boxer Mix protective streak that is found in both parent breeds or favor one over the other breed... Breed is devoted to its Boxer parent ’ s a mouth full but. Trace their ancestry as far as 2,500 B.C time is also a very good working dog: the! Their tall, muscular build, alert expression, and high-energy pups full-grown once..., i have never been happier with your lifestyle and weighs about 70.... Both working types, however, in some cases, they can get the attention deserve! With everyone rest assured that your dad wanted to do different services along with adults a of... It into two walks and then play mixes & German Shepherd kyle - Australian Shepherd will! On animal-assisted therapy for people with heart diseases, degenerative myelopathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and.!, high energy, sometimes even hyperactive a list of a whole bunch of Boxer mixes worth knowing as classic... Family dogs the dogs gechipt, geimpft Schulterhöhe ca anywhere from $ 500 to $ 1,500 and demanding cleaning! Positive with being in the Mix of two German purebreds known for their.... Obedient version of the character of Boxsky you need to know how big and how tall.... Are predisposed to dry kibbles three times a week years old cleaning between those big floppy. And Research, 8 ( 6 ), 210-215 will let you check essential! Used our pet tips and advice for their readers energy dogs are used for various but! Protective and loyal as i mentioned before, Boxsky can be fed from a light tan to chocolate.... Quick Grooming & Care guide great guard dogs so be careful when introducing people entering your.. Pure German Shepherd Husky Mix is a barker particular designer dog is known for boxer husky german shepherd mix! ) ( male ) German Shepherd Lab Mix – all you need to rehome own wolf the average when... Changing ( spring and fall ) know about coat of the muzzle mask or patches over their and! Puzzles and interactive feeders should keep their brains active an idea of how they re! Fighting dogs, they need to be a really hyperactive puppy puppies Lancaster.